School: Cúil Mhaoile (Scoil N. Feichín)

Collooney, Co. Sligo
Bean Mhic Eachmharcaigh

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Cúil Mhaoile (Scoil N. Feichín) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0178, Page 009

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Q. When was beef the highest?
A. When the cow jumped over the moon.
Q. Why does a cow look over the ditch?
A. Because she cannot look under it.
Q. Round the house and round the house and drags her puddings after her.
A. A hen and chickens
Q. It is full but can be fuller.
A. A pot of potatoes.
Q. Head and heart on one leg.
A. A head of cabbage.
Q. What vegetable is always on a penny.
A. The date (potato)
Q. As round as an apple,
As flat as a pain,
One side a woman,
And the other a man.
A. A penny.