School: Rockfield (roll number 15378)

Rockfield, Co. Sligo
Caoimhín Ó Duibhín

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Where Mass Was Said Long Ago

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0174, Page 289

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I live in the parish of Killoran in the county Sligo. In this locality there are many places where mass was said long ago. Near where I live there is a big rock and on that rock there grows moss on every bit of the rock except on the sign of the cross which is on the top of it. It is in the townland of Rathbaran.
Long ago all the people used to gather into that wood and a priest used to say mass at this rock. They used to have a scout watching on a hill near by lest any soldiers would approach while the holy mass was taking place. People used to come twenty miles on foot to hear mas in those days.

John Clarke
Coolaney, Co. Sligo