School: Rockfield (roll number 15378)

Rockfield, Co. Sligo
Caoimhín Ó Duibhín

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The Care of Farm Animals

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0174, Page 260

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The care of farm Animals

The following are the animals on our farm. We have cows, calves, sheep, goats, horses, one cat and one dog.
The horse's name is Bob. He is very tall and strong. When we are driving him we call him by his name, and he stands when he is told . His stable is about 20 ft high and 10 ft broad. My father whitewash the stable every three months in order to have the horse healthy. My brother shave him twice a year in the spring time and also in Summer. We shave him in spring because when he is ploughing he would perspire too much and then get cold afterwards.
In Summer we also shave him because he has a great deal of work to do. In the stable we leave a bit of palm for luck. Every evening we fill his rack with hay and his box with oats. My brother brings him to the river for a drink every day.

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Seán Harrington
Knockadoo, Co. Sligo