School: Rockfield (roll number 15378)

Rockfield, Co. Sligo
Caoimhín Ó Duibhín

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A Giant

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0174, Page 252

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A Giant

Long long ago in the townland of Gurthakeerin in the parish of Killoran and in the Co. Sligo there lived a mighty giant. He was seven foot high and was about twenty stone in weight so that everybody was afraid of him. He was very rich and had many servants to work for him. He was very cruel also to them when they did not please him. One day he was away at a fair with cattle and when he came back the servant had not his dinner ready and he was very hungry so what do you think he did but ate the servant and started telling everyone of the great dinner he had.
Then he got no servant for a long time and when he did get one he was still cruel to her. One day she broke a gold cup and he tied her to a tree and left her there until she died with hunger so she was the last servant ever

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James Farry
Gortakeeran, Co. Sligo