School: Curraigh (B.) (roll number 12066)

Curry, Co. Sligo
Peadar Ó Braonáin

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0170, Page 0449

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The chief fairs in this area are in Charlestown and Tubbercurry. In Tubbercurry, the cattle and pig fair were held on the same day, the second Wednesday. The last District Council in Tubbercurry (who were all arrested for striking a rate of 3d in the £ to support the Volunteers in 1919) changed this. The pig fair is now held on the second Tuesday of the month, and the cattle fair on the following day. This prevents confusion, and facilitates the farm who may have both pigs and cattle to seel The farmers bring their animals tot he town, where they meet the dealers. The old customs still survives. The farmer asks more than the worth of his animal, and the dealer off less than its worth. The farmer gradually reduces his terms and the dealer gradually increases his terms. Neighbours now intervene and ask them "to split the difference. This is generally done, the bargain is made and hands are struck. Very often a dealer will ask a farmer to hold out his hand, offers him a price, and says "Take it or leave it." If the farmer refuses, the dealer walks away. When the dealer buys an animal he marks it, sometimes with dirt from the street, or he clips off some of the hair with a scissors to make his own private mark. Lest the farmer might be tempted

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