School: Curraigh (B.) (roll number 12066)

Curry, Co. Sligo
Peadar Ó Braonáin

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St Brigid's Cross

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0170, Page 0429

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Many of the houses in this area (Curry, Co. Sligo) have St. Brigid's Crosses. The Cross is placed on the roof inside the house. It is diamond-shaped and made of plaited straw with a stem by means of which it is attached to the roof. It is only used in thatched houses, are in these houses the couples and ribs of the roof are exposed, and it is easy to slip the stem of the Cross under the ribs. Mrs. Margaret Kennedy, Drimbane, Curry, Co. Sligo still makes these crosses. I sent one made by her recently to a woman in Co. Cavan, who had never seen one an was always wishing for one. About thirty years ago, St Brigid's Crosses were a feature in every house. With the coming of slated houses, the custom has more or less fallen into disuse.

Peter Brennan