School: Curraigh (B.) (roll number 12066)

Curry, Co. Sligo
Peadar Ó Braonáin

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Rushy Coat

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0170, Page 0404

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There was once a man whose wife died. She left one beautiful daughter. When his wife was dying she said whichever girl her silver gown would fit he would have to marry that one. One day her daughter was looking at all her mother's jewels. She opened a wardrobe and started fitting on her mother's gowns. She fitted on the silver gown and it fitted her exactly. Her father told her she would have to marry him. She thought it awful. She said she wanted three requests. The first was to get a dress with the color of every bird in the air in it. He was a year and a day gone before he returned with it. The second was to get a piece of cloth that would shine in the darkness. He was a year and a day gone before he returned with it. The third was to get what was more plentiful than the sands on the seashore or the dew on the grass. He went in search of that but she knew he would not find it. She went away and the silver gown on her and a silver scissors hidden in her hair. She wondered miles until she came to a great castle. She went in because she was hungry. She saw the table set and a big joint of meat in the center of the table. She took some of it and in taking it she placed the knife and fork wrongly on the table. The Giants came in and found the

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John P. Stenson
Drumbaun, Co. Sligo
Kate Marren
Drumbaun, Co. Sligo