School: Abhainn Bheag (roll number 3924)

Owenbeg, Co. Sligo
Criostóir Mac Gáfraidh

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A Funny Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0165, Page 241

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Long ago there lived in Ireland a great giant, and he had defeated all that challenged him to lose. At that time also there lived a King in Spain, and he sent word to him that he was coming to fight him. This Irish giant was married to a woman that was very clever, and as the Spanish King came unexpected she put him into a big cradle, and covered him. He sat down beside the cradle, and asked was the giant himself at home. Then the woman told him that he would be home in an hour. Then he asked what age was the child, and she said that he was just three months. The giant then began to think to himself that when the child three months was that big the giant himself must be an awful size. Just then he began to get hungry, and she sent him out for a bullock. He went up the hills for the bullock, but the herds-men would not let him take him. So he caught holt of one horn, and they caught the other, until they tore him in two. Then he brought in half the bullock and roasted it. The woman made a cake, and she put lime in the middle of it. When it was baked she gave it to him to eat, and it was as hard as he broke his teeth trying to eat it, but he didn’t like to say that he couldn’t eat Irish bread. After he had enough of this eaten, he went out to a stream for a drink, and the woman followed him. The water was flowing down and the woman went

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Maggie Gibson
Thomas Mc Namara
Fortland, Co. Sligo