School: St Anne's, Easkey (roll number 13968)

Easky, Co. Sligo
Cáit Nic Eoin

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Local Cures

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0165, Page 145

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Local Cures.
There is a man living in Owenbeg name Anthony Dowd. He has the cure for the burn. He gets a curious fern which grows in the bog. When he gets the fern he throws away all but the root. Then he puts the root in a bowl and pours cold water on it and leaves it in the bowl for a day and night, then he rubs this root on the burn and it is healed in a few days.

In Fortland there is a man named John Nevin. He has the cure for the spraining thread.When a person sprains his foot or any other part of him this man who has the cure goes to his house and takes a long piece of hemp and twists it.
Then he puts it in his mouth to chew it, then he kneels down and says a prayer, when he has that done he ties it on the injured part. The person has to leave the thread on until the thread falls off itself. The people give him something for the cure or they say the cure is no good unless you give something in return. This cure has

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Annie Morrison
Fortland, Co. Sligo