School: Calry (roll number 10473)

Colgagh, Co. Sligo
Róisín Mhig Ualghairg

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0159, Page 223

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Long ago the people used to make candles in this country. They used to go out to the fields and bring in the thickest rushes they could get. Then they tied them up in bundles and hung them up over the fire to season. When they were seasoned they melted butter on a pan and rolled the rushes in it. Then they hung them up over the fire again. Soon after they melted more butter and rolled the rushes in the oil a second time. Then they hung them up again and after a few days they used them as candles.
They had very quaint candlesticks. A piece of wood about four feet high having a flat top. In this top were a number of holes where the rushes were inserted. They were clasped in position by a wooden clasp. This candlestick was placed in the corner of the floor when the candle was lit.

Kate Mitchell
Calry, Co. Sligo