School: Ballinfull (B.)

Ballinfull, Co. Sligo
John Gilbride
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0158, Page 093

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0158, Page 093

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    Weather Lore (contd.)
    3. Winds - South, and especially S.W.
    (Ballintoghe[r?]) - rain.
    West. to N.W. Flying? squally showers.
    N.W. to N. Dry but cold.
    4. General If the top of Knocknarea is clouded - rain for sure - but if the cloud rises you may look for a good day.
    If Inishmurray island appears so near that you can easily discern all its houses - you may look for rain.
    Smoke rising straight up from chimneys owing to dead calmness - rain.
    Soot fallin down chimney - rain.
    Ring round moon - storm and the farthe(r) out the ring is the nearer is the storm.
    Blue light in the fire also indicates storm.
    A haze all round in Summer and Autumn extending to the horizon indicate(s) fine weather or a continuance thereof.
    Streamers from the sun - if up - storm if down - rain -
    A fiery red sun in the evening portends a hot day to follow.
    Winged ants or myriads of ants on roadway - rain - midges - or? -Black beetles - or? -
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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