School: Caisleán Gael (roll number 15337)

Castlegal, Co. Sligo
M. Ó Tiománaidhe

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An Elf-Shot Cow

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0156, Page 016

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A cow may be out grazing in a field when suddenly she may become ill. It may be one of the finest days in the year, yet this may happen for absolutely no reason at all. The disease is like spine disease, she becomes weak in the back and may not be able to rise when she lies down. The belief is that the "Good people" as fairies may be playing and firing stones. If one of these hits the cow she becomes elf shot. It may occur also if the (owner) man does any harm to the fairies dwellings - forts or lios. She becomes sick in a very short time.

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