School: Doire Leathan, Grange (roll number 14843)

Derrylehan, Co. Sligo
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0155, Page 426

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0155, Page 426

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  1. A man lived at the foot of Benbo mountain. He had one son who went to earn his living in England. He got employment from a Lord.
    This gentleman had an only daughter and she fell in love with the young boy. He would not marry her however until she would get her father's consent.
    She told the news and her father asked had he any titles. She said he was Lord of Benbo.
    Sending for the boy he enquired if his father had a body-guard.
    "Yes" said the youth "seven stalwart men and the leader has two great weapons of defence." Seven goats these were but he did not pretend.
    The gentleman sent messengers to see if all this were true. Wishing no harm to the young boy they returned with good tidings. They said he had a lovely castle, and he would not give the table off which he eat his dinner for all England.
    Convinced that everything was right,
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