School: Na Machairí, Tralee (roll number 16153)

Magharees, Co. Kerry
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 084

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 084

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  1. There are three graveyards in the parish. One in Killshanig, one in Killiney and one in Stradbally.
    There was a graveyard in Oilean- t-Seannaig, but it was closed up because on the 16th century a Spanish galleon appeared off Rinn-no-Fear-Dhearg. At night time they came to the graveyard with a number of dead men that died a terrible plague and buried them in there. When they were gone the inhabitants of the island dug up the bodies thinking there would be gold buried with them. But in the morning there was no living person in the Island. They all died of the plague and ever since the grave-yard wasnt used.
    There are old ruins of churches on the three graves yards. There a prodastants buried in the old ruin in Killiney. There are a few tombs in the old ruin in Killshanig.

    There is an old church in the Island - their is an altar built of stone - there is a stone in the alter and a cross drawn out in it. There is a stone cross outside the church. This cross was carried to the mainland by men that came to the Island. But the following morning the cross was found standing out side in the Island again.
    There are a few beehive cells in the Island also.
    The graveyard in Killshanig is sloping west and has no trees. The others are not sloping but they have trees.

    Collected by Cait O'Connor
    Transcribed by a member of our volunteer transcription project.
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    Cait O' Connor