School: Na Machairí, Tralee (roll number 16153)

Magharees, Co. Kerry

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Na Machairí, Tralee | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0430, Page 065

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that after emptying the copper they would go to Queenstown for more orders. Very suddenty the weather got bad so she anchored close to Brandon and the crew went into Brandon. Here they got a great entertainment and when the sea calmed down they went back to their ship again. The storm rose secondly but now it was twice as bad so she drew her anchor into Kilcummin Strand and got wrecked there. There were twenty men on board, including Captain Forbs, so when she got broken all the crew sank to the bottom and got drowned. There was a great crowd in the strand when the drowning took place and the drowning voices could be heard calling for help far and wide but the night was so bad that a canoe could not float in the water and in this account the poor sailors had no chance of being saved. The crew were in Brandon two nights before and Forbs went to Tralee. He got a call to anchor in another harbour but he refused. Some days after the dead bodies were driven in by the windt o Kilcummin Strand and were buried in Kiliney. Some time after there was a fine song made about them. The following is a verse.
God bless the poor parents
That they have left behind,
And far away from Brandon Bay,
In sorrow you will find.
To think upon those sailor boys
Who were lost by Kilcummin's shore.
It is all in vain for to regain
Their sailing days are o'er.
This song is said to be composed by a brother of Frank Neill.

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Mary Kenny
Barr na Duimhche, Co. Kerry
(name not given)