School: Bouleenshere (C.) (roll number 12865)

Booleenshare, Co. Kerry
Mary A. Walsh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0417, Page 477

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In the townland of Glenderry very near our school there lived a woman named Biddy Grady. She was married to a man named Paddy Gloster, and they lived about fifty years ago in this district. She two sons whose names were Paddy Gloster and Johnie Gloster. Their father was dead and the two sons were earning their hire every day. They came home every Saturday evening as their mother lived alone. She had a big black cat.
There was a small little shop next door by a person named Mary Dowling and she sold fish. It happened this night however that the two sons were coming home, their mother always had a supper ready for them. It consisted of potatoes and fish as meat was unheard of by people in those days. This night she had no fish. She said to the cat "we have no fish to night for my sons' supper, "you won't be long with that story said the cat" and he went out the door. He was not long outside when she heard him coming in, and he had

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Michael Laide
Dromatoor, Co. Kerry