School: Bouleenshere (C.) (roll number 12865)

Booleenshare, Co. Kerry
Mary A. Walsh

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A Great Storm

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0417, Page 393

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In February 1890 a high wind drove a ship laden with corn which was on its way to Fenit Harbour (near the town of Tralee) towards the rocks in Ballyheigue Bay. It was learned later that it belonged to a man in Carnarvon in Wales, and she was named Catherine Richards. Early in the morning a local man named Pat Casey sighted the ship on the rocks and immediately reported the matter to the Coast Guards who were responsible for all wrecks.
It was found that the cargo consisted of a consignment of malt and barley. Messrs. Mc Cowens of Tralee - agents of Lloyds Insurance Company took charge of the cargo and employed the local farmers with horses and carts to remove the cargo by road to Tralee. All the crew of the ship - Catherine Richards were lost off the point of Kerry Head. The only living things found in the ship were a cat and a dog. When the ship was emptied by Mc Cowens

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Michael Laide
Dromatoor, Co. Kerry