School: An Clochar, Banada (roll number 11887)

Banada, Co. Sligo
An tSr M. de Lellis
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0173, Page 130

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0173, Page 130

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  3. XML “Marriage Customs in my District - Knockahoney”

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  1. Often I used to hear Grannie talk about marriages of (when she was alive) her day.
    Shrove Tuesday and November day were believed to be unlucky days to marry or make matches. Marriages were more numerous in those days, than at the present day, because the boys or girls remained at home, not like now.
    They used be married in the morning, and after Mass rice was thrown on them for good luck. Instead of going home in a car, as they do now, the newly married pair used to go home on horse-back.
    The wedding feast followed. Tea and bread were
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    Margaret M. Brennan
    Knockahoney, Co. Sligo