School: An Clochar, Banada (roll number 11887)

Banada, Co. Sligo
An tSr M. de Lellis

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Old Graveyard in my District

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0173, Page 120

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In the Parish of Kilmactigue there are three Graveyards namely Rhue, Benada, and Kilmactigue. Perhaps the oldest is Kilmactigue.
To-day this graveyard is divided into two parts. When the "O Hara Family got Kilmactigue Demesne one of the members left one and a half acres as a burial place for the Parishineers.
The grave-yard is heart-shaped and the walls are made of stone and mortar. The grounds are covered with grass unlike the rest of graveyards.
In former

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