School: Corr-Shaileach (roll number 12208)

Corsallagh, Co. Sligo
Tomás Ó Ceallaigh

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The Jew in the Bush

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0172, Page 085

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The Jew in the bush

There was once a man and he had worked for three years with his master. The man thought he should get some money. His master being a simple miser gave him a crown a year so the man went off home very merrily. He had not gone far until he met a little man. The man asked him what he was so merry about. "Well what shall I be sad about for I am rich in pocket and I am going to have a holiday." The little man asked him to give him the three crowns which he had. The man being kind of heart gave him all he had. The little man told him he would have three three choices. The man told him he would have a bow that it would knock anything that it would be fired at, a fiddle that would make everyone dance who would hear it playing and a third choice that would make everyone grant whatever he asked. The little man gave him his three choices so he walked on and if he had been merry before he was three times merrier now. He did not go far until he met a jew. In a tree stood a beautiful thrush singing. The jew said he would give

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Francis Murtagh
Carrowreagh (Knox), Co. Sligo
James Murtagh
over 80
Carraun, Co. Sligo