School: Clochar Muire, Tobar an Choire (roll number 12166)

Tobercurry, Co. Sligo
An tSr. M. Nioclás

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Clochar Muire, Tobar an Choire | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0171, Page 318

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With love in my heart and hope always
10. "St Patrick Apostle of the Gael keep the light of the true faith ever brightly burning in the hearts of our people
St Brigid, Mary of the Gael keep the virtues of Chastity, Charity and Humility in our hearts and homes for ever."
11 "May Mary, Christ and the Saints be between us and harm
Mary and her Son, Patrick with his staff
Martin with his mantle, Brigid with her hood
Michael with his shield and God before the all
With his strong right arm. Amen."
12. Before Food:-
"The blessing of God and of Patrick
On all that I shall see and on all that I shall take
May the same blessing the God bestowed on the five loaves and the two fishes
Be upon this food."

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