School: Dún Amhlaidh (roll number 14614)

Dunowla, Co. Sligo
Gleadhra Ní Fhiachraigh

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Dún Amhlaidh | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0531

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We have a churn at home and it is about three feet tall. It is two foot wide at the bottom and eighteen inches wide at the top The sides of the churn are round . The churn is about five years old. The various parts of a churn are the bottom, the lid, the dash, and the peck. There is no bottom on the side or bottom of the churn. Butter is made once every week in winter and once every fortnight in Summer. When strangers come in they help with the churning because there is an old superstition which says that if a person does not help with the churning he will bring away the butter. It takes an hour to do a churning. The dash is pulled up and down by the hand. When the dash comes up clean the people know the butter is made. The buttermilk is used to make bread and it is given to pigs.

Ada Nic Uait
Doonbeakin, Co. Sligo