School: Druim Mór

Dromore, Co. Sligo
Seosamh Ó Catháin

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Love is Costly

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 287

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A Tinker once decided to turn painter. He believed painting was better paying than his own job. He got a few cans of paint and a few brushes and in order to advertise his trade he put some spots on his clothes. He was coming along the road one day very downhearted. So far he had not succeeded in getting a job and was thinking of once more returning to his old trade. On the road he met a Gentleman who halted him. He asked him would he be able to do some painting for him. The Tinker said certainly that he would be able to do anything he wanted. The Gentleman said to him, "I am in a hurry into town now and cannot go back to show you what to do but here is the key of the house and you can have a look round yourself till I come home. Now you must not let anybody in or out of the house till I come home". The Tinker agreed and set off in good spirits now for the house. He entered the house and locked the door after him. Inside he found three girls whom he found to be daughters of the Gentleman. He told them his business and told them what their father had said. Now he did not know the first thing about painting but he decided to take a look round. He was not long in the house till he heard a knock at the door. He came down, looked out a window and saw a young man standing on the doorstep. He asked the Tinker if there was any chance of getting in. "yes" said the Tinker, "but you must pay a fee." The Gentleman asked how much would he have to pay

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Seosamh Ó Catháin
Dromore West, Co. Sligo
John Fox