School: Druim Mór

Dromore, Co. Sligo
Seosamh Ó Catháin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0167, Page 0451

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Some years ago in a certain landlord's house was a servant boy named Paddy.

Some years ago in a certain landlord's house there was a servant boy named Paddy. The landlord had only one daughter and she was ionphósta. Now Paddy and the girl were very intimate and they used to meet secretly. Another gentleman was accustomed to come the house and the girl's father would be delighted if his daughter would marry him. Whenever he asked her to marry him she always gave some excuse. One evening when both were walking round the grounds Paddy heard the gentleman saying he would meet her the next evening at a certain time. He was to come to her window and whistle and then she would come out. When evening came Paddy put a ladder up to her window & climbed into her room. It was dark and she thought it was the gentleman. Paddy pretended that it was the gentleman that was in it. Soon the gentleman came and whistled. She Paddy who could be outside. "It must be Paddy, what will we do with him" said Paddy. "There is a jug of water there and let him have it." said the girl. Paddy was delighted and didn't ask to spare the gent outside. He took the jug and let him have both water and jug. The gentleman went home disgusted and angry and said after that insult he would never again ask her hand in marriage. Next morning the girl met Paddy and asked him how he felt after last night. Paddy laughed and told her that the wrong Paddy got the water. Then he told her the whole story. She was not disappointed and said it might keep him away. Paddy and herself then decided to get married. They meant to get the landlord's consent. If he knew she was marrying Paddy the servant

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Seosamh Ó Catháin
Dromore West, Co. Sligo
John Fox
Farranmacfarrell, Co. Sligo