School: Cashen, Baile Dubh, Tráighlí (roll number 14992)

Ballyduff, Co. Kerry
Máire de Paor, Dd. Allman

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Cashen, Baile Dubh, Tráighlí | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0415, Page 006

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XIX. If a child had chin-cough, and if you saw a man driving a white horse, he is supposed to have a cure for it.
XX. It isn’t right for a person to ask to stand for another persons child.
XXI. It isn’t right to refuse to stand for a child when you’re asked.
XXII. You should always put a pinch of salt in the tail(?) of a child’s dress, when he is going to be baptized.
XXIII. If a child had the “Craos Galoir”, and if a man who never saw his own father breathed into the child’s mouth before his breakfast, he would cure him.
XXIV. If a gander breathed into a child’s mouth, he would cure him of “Craos Galoir”.
XXV. ‘‘Tis unlucky for an expectant mother to make clothes for her first child before it is born.
XXVI. An expectant mother should never enter a grave yard. If she trips in the churchyard the child is supposed to have a “bhachachdaigh”(sp?) leg.
XXVII. If an expectant mother sees a hare, the child is supposed to have a hare-lip.
XXVIII. If an expectant mother walks under a reins of a mare in foal, the baby will not arrive or snive(sp??) until after eleven months.
XXIX. If a baby was about to be born in a house, all the presses in the house should be unlocked until the baby is born.
XXX. The first little baby that dies in a house should be buried in the nearest graveyard.
XXXI. It isn’t right to cry after coming back from the church, after burying a child.
XXXII. A woman who is pregnant should not stand for a child.
XXXIII. There is an objection to a priest standing for a child.
XXXIV. A person shouldn’t stand for two children in the same year.
XXXV. With the approach of every feast day, a shing(sp?) is loosened in a

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