School: Beanna (roll number 9524/5)

Banna West, Co. Kerry
Mícheál Ó Cearbhaill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0414, Page 308

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0414, Page 308

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  1. Many stories are told about forts, As a man named Pat o Grady of Causeway was passing a fort at Liscahane near Tralee coming home from town he heard beautiful music in a fort and many people dancing and singing.
    As he was passing the fort a boy came out and asked him to go in. When the man was going in the boy gave him wine to rub to his eyes. They went into the fort and started to sing and dance . They gave him wine to drink and they had great feasting all night . When it was twelve o clock they told him to go home. When he was going out they gave him wine to rub to his eyes again and he rubbed it one eye only.
    As the man was on his way home he met the boy that asked him into the fort with a bag of bread on his back. "Can you see me now asked the boy, the man said he could. The boy told him close one eye and look at him, The man said he could not see him. The boy told him to close the other eye . the man said he could see him. The boy put his finger
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    Bidsie Stack
    Ballymacquin Upper, Co. Kerry
    Mr Patrick Stack
    Ballymacquin Upper, Co. Kerry