School: Leac Snámha (B.) (roll number 10957)

Lixnaw, Co. Kerry
Dáithí. B. Ó Duilleáin

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A Funny Story

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0411, Page 043

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There is a man named Pat Hanlon living in the townland of Liscullane. He is noted for his wit. He one day got drunk in the village of Lixnaw. On his way home he lay down and slept on the roadside. It happened that Father Hurley, teh present curate in Lixnaw, was passing that way and was shocked to see the man asleep on the roadside. he stopped his car and woke the sleeping man, He soon discovered the Pat was drunk. he then said to him 'What would you do now if the Lord called on you in that state?'
'Well, father' said pat, 'if he did, I would not be able to stir a hand or a foot to go to Him.'
The priest could do nothing but laugh heartily.

Tom Mc Elligott
Cunnagare, Co. Kerry