School: Rinn Tuirc (roll number 9835)

Reenturk, Co. Kerry
S. Bean Uí Rinn

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Local Matchmaking

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0403, Page 235

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Long ago there was to be found in every district a matchmaker. The matchmaker was a man who used to take the account of the match from the boy to the girl. First the matchmaker would think of a boy whose parents had a good farm. Then he would go to the parents and get their consent to (ma) take over the farm in their son’s name. Then he would ask the boy would he get married. Then he would go to the girl (whose) and ask her to marry the boy. If she consented both parties would appoint a day on which they could meet in the local town. It was usually in a public house they would meet. They would then fix a day for the marriage.
The day of the marriage the bride would ride behind the bridegroom going and coming from the Church. That night gangs of “soppers” would come to the house of the newly married couple. They would march into the house and dance for a half an hour or so. The leader of the party

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