School: An Chúil Árd (roll number 12587)

Coolard, Co. Kerry
Seán Ó Duilleáin

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An Chúil Árd | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0401, Page 210

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There is a fort in a certain part of Coolkeragh and it was said that there was gold buried in some part of it. One day a man who lived near it said that he would go and seek for the gold. That evening he went to the fort. He had a little terrier with him. He began to dig a hole in the place the gold was supposed to be in. All of a sudden two little mice leapt out of the hole. The little dog made at them and killed them. The dog started playing with the mice. All of a sudden the dog started to roar and he disappeared into the hole and was never seen again. The man got such a fright that he ran off home. A short time after some people were passing the fort at night and they saw a bright light inside in the fort and the dog dancing around it. People say that the two little mice were minding the gold and that the little dog that killed them is doing so now.

There is a fort in my district and it is said to be haunted. There are a good many Alder trees growing in the fort. Relations of the people in whose land the fort was lived in Ballyheigue. They had no turf at home so they came to the fort and cut some of the trees and took them home to burn

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James Relihan
Coolkeragh, Co. Kerry
Mrs C. Relihan
Coolkeragh, Co. Kerry