School: Gortermone

Gortermone, Co. Leitrim
Mrs A. O' Reilly

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The Landlord

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0229, Page 278

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The Landlord of this estate was La Touche. He did not reside in the district at all. He lived in Dublin. He had an agent who gathered the rent from the people and this man was called John McLean.
This landlord was very good to the people and there was very few eviction here. If there was there were men put into the house called 'Emergency Men' and no one spoke to them or bought any goods from them and this was called 'Bycotting'. A band of people built a mud cabin for the person evicted and this house was called Land League House. The people around gave them food and after some tie of agitation the person who was put out of his land got it back again.
La Touche got a road made from Drumderglin

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