School: Gortermone

Gortermone, Co. Leitrim
Mrs A. O' Reilly

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Gortermone | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0229, Page 271

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black bird, hawk, thrush, and corncrake. In the Winter some of these go to a warmer land but they come back again to us in Spring.
These little creatures build very nice nests. Some of them are made from sticks, clay moss and hair. They build them perhaps on the side of a ditch high up on a tree, in the eaves of houses or on the level ground. The common birds when hatching their eggs lie on them for three weeks while the water fowl lie on them for a month.
Birds though tiny are very cute and they know when the weather will be cold or stormy. The crows fly low when rain is near and the other birds fly to gether. The curlews whistle when we are having snow or frost.
Many very interesting stories are told