School: Gortermone

Gortermone, Co. Leitrim
Mrs A. O' Reilly

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Fairy Forts/Fairies

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0229, Page 226

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There are some 'Fairy Forts' in this district one in Drumderiglin, one in Gortermone. They are called by the name of "Forts'. They can be seen from each other both situated on a hill. They are circular in shape an outside circle (large one) and various smaller ones in the interior, now overgrown with bushes, but still you you can easily trace the circular ditch or fence inside & outside. The origin of them unknown. But fairy people are supposed to have lived there and people around would tell you that in their young days they were in fear & trembling of seeing these fairies at night. Even imagined they could hear them hammering in the fort as they believed making shoes.
Another fort in Drumadorn, Cloone beside where I was born. We actually believed that fairies lived there, and on one occasion I remember my sister to return from where she was sent saying she saw two little men dressed in white by whom she could not get.

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