School: Béal an Átha Móir (B.)

Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim
Seán Ó Heslin

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Béal an Átha Móir (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0225, Page 286

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was persecuted. Once he came to Fenagh and put a a bomb on on the window but the monks saw it , went into the under-ground passage and escaped. The slates however were blown off the abbey and terrible things happened to Fenagh. Cromwell levelled
all Fenagh with his guns.

There is a bell of Fenagh and
it is 1500 years, old. About 40 years ago there was a woman house-keeping for the parish priest. The bell was in the house at the time.
There lived a landlord in Moch and he wanted to steal the bell so he made up his mind to steal it one night. He went to the house at night, and about the time he was coming, the house-keeper dreamed that some one was stealing the bell. She woke got up and saw a man with the bel in his hand. She lifted a poker, hit him with it, and got the bell.
When Moch house was being built Lawder said that he would build his house out of the abbey and one man told him that he would not get putting one stone from the abbey in his house, Lawder said he would. But every stone he put up fell down.
When St. Caillen was building the abbey a snake came every night and tossed his day's work but the St.caught him and tied it to the end of

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Charlie O Beirne
Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim