School: Puttore (roll number 15149)

Pottore, Co. Leitrim
Leanna Ní Ghafraidh (Cafferty)

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Michael Geoghan

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0223, Page 256

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Another son of Erins Isle
Is lying cold today
Brave Captain Michael Geoghan
By death was called away.

In his home at Aghacashel
There's grief no one can tell
Where with his wife and children
Brave Michael used to dwell.
A shock went all through Leitrim
When the cruel news came along
That he was gone for ever
He was noble young and strong.
In sorrow are his many friends
Their hearts are sad and sore
As are those of his old Comrades
of the flying Column Corps
When the Black and Tans
Came to the Land
His ambition night and day
Was to strike a blow for Ireland
or Parish in the fray

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