School: Puttore (roll number 15149)

Pottore, Co. Leitrim
Leanna Ní Ghafraidh (Cafferty)

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Dan McCann

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0223, Page 254

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I am going to quit says Dan McCann
As the evening whistle Blew
So here is my badge and here is my tools
And heres my pay-cheque too.
Whats wrong the foreman asked to Dan
With a strange look in his face
Nothing at all says Dan Mc.Cann
But I found another place.
Im going to work in another
And stand at another Drill
A friend of mine has asked me down
To work in another Mill
I have no complaints o my treatment here
you always used me fine
The only reason I am changing jobs
Is to help out a friend of mine
Do you know what it means by changing jobs
Says the foreman then to Dan.
You are hurting the boys that's fighting in France
And your helping the Huns my Man
You are stopping two machine guns.
That should run at the fastest speed
They have to fall short for days & days
For want of the shells they need.

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