School: Puttore (roll number 15149)

Pottore, Co. Leitrim
Leanna Ní Ghafraidh (Cafferty)

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The Three Gifts

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0223, Page 205

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Once upon a time there was a boy and his Mother died and then his Father got married again. His step-mother was not very good to him. He got to be able to herd cattle on the fields. She sent out his dinner to him every day. She had a round flag the size of the oven and she mixed a little flour and put it on both sides of the flag and put it in the oven to bake it, and baked a little crust on it.
One day his father was going out to the place where the boy was and he said he would bring out the boy's dinner. His wife said that it was not ready because she did not want the man to see the flag. Her husband said he would wait untill it would be ready for no other one would be going out that journey.

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