School: Puttore (roll number 15149)

Pottore, Co. Leitrim
Leanna Ní Ghafraidh (Cafferty)

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The Pot of Gold and The Poor Scholar

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0223, Page 194

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Once upon a time there was a man and his wife and daughter living together. One day a poor scholar came in to their house. He looked at a lid that was in the kitchen and examined it. The man said "What are you looking at?" "Only at the writing that is on that lid." He said "Do you know the meaning of it"? Yes! One side of the bush is as good as the other.
They both went out with the lid and hurled it down a hill to a "fort," and it rolled and rolled until it met a bush and then it stopped. The poor scholar said "If I get a "pot of Gold" for you how much will you give me?" "I will give you one half of it" sid the man. "I only want the full of my boot" said the poor scholar. All right! said the man. Then they began to dig & after some time they found the pot of Gold. That night the poor scholar stayed in that house, and when he went to bed he heard the

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Leonna Ní Gafraid