School: Fearglass (roll number 15616)

Fearglass South, Co. Leitrim
Proinnsias Ó Floinn

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Lord Leitrim

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0222, Page 469

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Oh ye men of Tipperary
Have you heard from Donegal
Where Rory and his gallant men cause Lord Leitrim's sad down fall
It was on the second of April
In the year of seventy-eight
I hope the youths of Ireland
Will keep memory of the date.
Lord Leitrim said that morning
"Come put the horses to"
Not fearing that untimely death
So long to him was due
My lord I feel most terrified
Poor Makim he did said
My heart it has foretold me
We will meet Rory on the way
And if we chance to meet him
No longer we will survive
For bad Landlords in particular
They won't leave me alive
We'll drive single or in tandem
In the presence of Kingkade
It's Rory or his agents
I never was afraid
They left for Mamo Vaughan
In the county Donegal

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Joe Keenan
Breanross South, Co. Leitrim