School: Fearglass (roll number 15616)

Fearglass South, Co. Leitrim
Proinnsias Ó Floinn

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Fearglass | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0222, Page 455

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There is a black woman at John J. Casseless gate.

There is a black woman at John J Casseless gate.
There are two women between [?] well and Drumgilra road.
There is a black man at Brenross crossroads, John Reynolds saw him.
Willie Cannings gate is flung out on the road after everyone that goes by at night.
There is a white woman at Stephen Campbells hill. Paddy Connell was coming from fair in Longford and when he came to the half way hill a big van with no horses under it followed him and when he came to a little river the van disappeared. There is a ghost at Tommy Kennedy's hill in the form of a dog.

Joseph Milton
Beihy, Co. Leitrim

There is a house in Cloontubrid called Willie Prunty's and a room in it is always locked because there is a ghost in it.
There is a ghost in Tom Gallaher's house.
There is a ghost at Toroso cross-roads, a hare appears there.
There is a ghost at Cloonohill hill a black man does be seen there.
Frank Donnley was brought off by the good people and he was asked which of war or

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