School: Fearglass (roll number 15616)

Fearglass South, Co. Leitrim
Proinnsias Ó Floinn

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Fearglass | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0222, Page 453

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There are two big trees in Paddy Rogan's field and there is a ghost beside it. Tom Cassells saw him and he was a big black man.
There is a ghost in Pat Dunne's byre. It is a woman and she stays about the house in the day-time and at night she sits on a stone in the lane.
There is a ghost over from James Dolan's where Kearney was killed, and it is in the form of a dog.
There is a ghost in Willie Reilly's field. Peter Durone saw her, and it was Willie Reilly's sister, that was drowned.

Mary Thersa Kelly
Beihy, Co. Leitrim

There is a fort in Joe O'Neils field and the people that lived there before them had a polly cow and every time they milked the cow a child would start to cry and a woman would say keep quiet the polly cow will soon be milked as soon as she would be milked no matter what they did she would spill the

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