School: Drumloughan (Dromlachan) (roll number 15665)

Sunnagh More, Co. Leitrim
Peadar Mac Giolla Choinnigh

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Drumloughan (Dromlachan) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0221, Page 149

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goes through certain rites with it. This then brought home and rubbed to the effected part on the above mentioned days. While rubbing you must say " In honour of St Rose that cures t
he rose" The red swelling or blind boil is called "The Rose" and therefore the disease is called the Rose. The suffering person must be told to get the cure made, otherwise it will not work. For example, If a man thinks he has the Rose he cannot go to get the cure until someone tells him that the swelling is like the Rose and that he should get the cure made. People should be very careful about calling ordinary swelling or boils the Rose, in fact the word should be used very sparingly, and the disease and its cure should seldom be spoken of, The cure is transferred from man to woman or woman to man eg. The cure cannot be given from man to man or woman to woman.
A Rú, a Rú, a ratha rua, bíodach cruadha, cruadha a rua Colm Culle fisis slán. Make groups of the butter and say this prayer over it 3 times without drawing your breath. Then say 9 Our Father's. 9 Hail Mary's and the apolles Creed over, and this glona once in honour of the sts. that left the cure after them.

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P. Mac Giolla Choinnigh