School: Drumloughan (Dromlachan) (roll number 15665)

Sunnagh More, Co. Leitrim
Peadar Mac Giolla Choinnigh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0221, Page 022

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0221, Page 022

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    "Molten Lead"
    Pour molten lead through the head of a key into a basin of cold water and the lead will shape itself in the water and resemble the position in life that you will take up.
    "Death, Exile a Marriage"
    Place on each of 3 plates, clay water and a ring. Blindfold a person. Let him go the table and touch one of the plates. If he touches the clay he will die during the year, if he touches the water he will cross the water, and if he touches the ring he will be married during the year.
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