School: Cluain Eich (roll number 9942)

Clooneagh, Co. Leitrim
Sr. Ó Donnabhair

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Cluain Eich | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0219, Page 166

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let him in. St. Peter said "no" because he did not wish for heaven when he had the chance. Will went to purgatory but the devil was there and told Will to go to hell. He went down to hell but the devil was there and would not let him in so he gave him a sheaf of straw lighted and sent him through the bogs. They are the lights that are seen in the bogs at night.

He gathers a mouthful of moss and swims out in the water. He puts his tail down in the water first, then he keeps going down under the water bit by bit until there is nothing left over the water but his head. When the fleas feel the water they all go to the moss in his mouth. Then the fox spits out the moss and leaves all the fleas behind him.