School: Eanach Dubh (B.) (roll number 13656)

Annaduff, Co. Leitrim
Thomas Morahan

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Eanach Dubh (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0214, Page 117

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which are not out of use such as Gortinty road which led to Drumcree mills. This road runs though the farm owned by John Lynch.

These roads were made in Ancient days but they were improved on in later years but contract labour paid at the expense of the ratepayers. The road workers were paid at the rate of one shilling per day and the ganger one shilling and four pence.
The Shannon was crossed by means of fords before bridges were made. There was one near the town of Drumsna built of clay and stones.
Long ago in Ireland the young people gathered to the "crossroads" and had a dance which was known as the "crossroads" dance.