School: Rosaí (roll number 13332)

Rossy, Co. Leitrim
Pádhraic Ó Baoighill

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Local Roads

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0211, Page 393

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The road that passes by Rossy [N S?] connects Annadale Cross with Castlefore Cross roads. An old road runs parallel to the present road from Castlefore to Keshcarrigan. On this old road the French travelled in 1798 and along the old road that runs parallel to the present road from Castlefore to Gorvagh. The French encamped on a rock in the townland of Aughnahoo for a day or two. An old man named Frank Bawn of Drumboly had a small butcher's shop where he used to kill calves principally. He was employed by the French to kill calves for them and was very busy for two days. A short time after an English regiment called the "Hessians" or Hussians as the old people called them came in pursuit of the French. Frank Bawn the local butcher thought at first this regiment was the rear guard of the French army and killed for them also: after a time he found out they were the English so he'd work no more for them. He stole away and lay down in a furrow in a potato field. The "Hessians" searched for him for half a day to kill him and they stepped over the furrow where he lay. The potato stalks completely hid him from view so he escaped eventually. Another leader mistaking the English

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Matthew Mc Manus
Driny, Co. Leitrim