School: Crummy (roll number 12691)

Crummy, Co. Leitrim
Pádhraic Ó Rodacháin

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The Fairy Ointment

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0211, Page 315

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The Fairy Ointment
One night a 'midwife' was called by a man to attend his wife. He took her behind him on a beautiful horse to a beautiful house. She remained there for a week. A few days after the child was born he gave her a special ointment to rub to one of the child's eyes, telling her be sure not to get it on her hands or any other part of her. But being used to rubbing on ointment with her hand she rubbed on the ointment with her hand, and rubbed her hand to her eye.
When she looked around with this eye everything was changed. Instead of a beautiful house she saw a wretched hut, and instead of a beautiful woman and child in the bed she saw a wrinkled old hag and a horrible looking child. When the week was up the man left her back. With her own eye she saw a beautiful horse and with the one on which she rubbed the ointment she saw only a cabbage stump.
Some time after as she was having her tea in a hotel she saw the same man come in. He walked over to another man and while talking to him he stuck

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