School: Whiterock (roll number 13820)

Carrigeengeare, Co. Leitrim
J. Faulkner

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Song of Dublin

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0194, Page 163

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Song of Dublin

I'll sing you a song, An it wont be long

Song of Dublin

I'll sing you a song. An it wont be long
Of the beautiful city of Dublin
It was there in my youth
I was happy in thruth
In the beautiful city of Dublin.
Och who was it at all,
That insulted us all
Cryin. Shame upon dirty oul Dublin
There the grand Phoenix Park
For one deed in the dark
Upon history's page must be branded.
Where the lighthouse no stands
The fierce Danish bands
After Clontarf's great battle
were stranded
An there did they stay
Till ships bore them away
An' sure never again have they

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