School: Cnoc Uí Faith (Belmont) (roll number 12010)

Belmont, Co. Galway
Micheál Ó Gnímh
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 295

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0041, Page 295

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    Some years ago there lived in the Heath two men, one named John Kelly, and the other named Martin Sheridan.

    Feabhra 1938
    Some years ago there lived in the Heath tow men, one named John Kelly and the other named Martin Sheridan. An old man died in that place and these men went to make his grave in Crossboyne graveyard. As they were making the grave they found and old coffin which contained the bones and skull of some person, they removed them very gently to ground above. When they had finished they both came up and John Kelly walked over to where the skull lay and struck a kick on it, the other man said that it was wrong to do such as thing and he then took the skull and left it back in it's place again. The men went home and that night a knock was had at the doors of Kelly's house. His mother opened it and a stranger came in. He asked her if her son was home.
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    Padraig Mac Ghiolla Phádraig
    Ballyglass, Co. Mayo