School: An Drom Clochach (B.)

Dromclogh, Co. Kerry
Pártholán Ó Ruadhacháin

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The Irremore Football Team in Olden Times

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0408, Page 033

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About forty years ago there were no foreign games in this county but football and hurling. In the year 1884 the gaelic Athletic Association was founded by Mr. Michael Cusack and from that time on it was getting stronger. So the association spread to Kerry and there did great teams rise up in this county. There was a great team in Irremore called the "Irremore team". Mr. Maurice Relihan was the goalkeeper and Mr. Timothy O'Connor was the full-back. Other members of the team were Mr. Richard Galvin, Mr. Jeremiah O'Connor brother of the full-back, Mr. Edward Somers, Mr. Patrick Kelliher of Rathea, Mr. John Trant of Lisahane, Mr. Jeremiah O'Connell, Mr. Jeremiah O'Carrol, Mr. Joe Hannon, Mr. Frank Crowley, Mr. Brady Somers and Mr. John Kelly. The team had a band with them wherever they went it was called the Irremore brass band. Mr. John Trant was the bandsmaster and he has still some of the instruments.
Mr. Timothy O'Connor was a great weight thrower and was also a boxer. On one occasion there was a match between Tralee and Irremore in Tralee and Timothy O'Connor went to Listowel Mass and he ran home and from that to Tralee and he scored a goal off his knee in Tralee. There was a hurling team in Tullig called the "Gamecocks" and it was also very good. Mr. Maurice

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Robert Fitzgerald
Mountcoal, Co. Kerry