School: An Drom Clochach (B.)

Dromclogh, Co. Kerry
Pártholán Ó Ruadhacháin

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How Candles Were Made Long Ago

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0408, Page 024

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Up to about forty years ago the people bought no candles but they made them themselves. First of all they killed a cow or a sheep or a goat. Then they skinned the animal and the meat was salted. The lard was then cut from the meat and it was put into a basin and the meat was put into a barrel and there was a bucket of pickle thrown into the barrel. Some of the lard was put in the frying-pan and while it was frying a mould was got, then one end of the mould was stuck through a sod of turf and there was a cord drawn through the mould and a nail was tied at the end of the cord to keep it straight. Then when the lard was fried the pieces of meat were taken out of the pan and given to the cat. The liquid was then put into the mould and left there until the next day to harden. When the candle was to be taken out of the mould you should catch the wick with one hand and the mould with the other hand and the candle would come out freely.

Robert Fitzgerald
Mountcoal, Co. Kerry